HDC tenders Kooragang Island remediation work

The Hunter Development Corporation (HDC) is calling for tenders for the construction of about 13 hectares of remediation works on the former BHP waste facility on Kooragang Island.

HDC General Manager Bob Hawes said the construction work will be an important step towards addressing the industrial legacy of the site and protecting the port environment.

“The Kooragang Island facility was used as a waste dump by BHP for the Mayfield steelworks from around 1960. We are now working to deal with the legacy of those activities,” Mr Hawes said.

“Firms tendering for the work will need to demonstrate expertise in providing environmental, technical and engineering services, as well as expertise in large scale remediation projects,” Mr Hawes said.

HDC has responsibility for 60 hectares of remediation work across the facility on behalf of the NSW Government.

HDC has already coordinated the implementation of previous remediation works on the site, and the completion of this stage will bring the total to about 33 hectares. The design phase for the remaining 27 hectares is now proceeding.

The work is being undertaken to meet the requirements of the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the Commonwealth Department of Environment.

The land on Kooragang Island is part of the new port lease, and when the remediation work is completed will revert to the new operator's management.

Details of the tender process are available from the NSW Government e-Tender
site https://tenders.nsw.gov.au