Honeysuckle land release

The Honeysuckle urban renewal project takes another step forward with the release of a new development site to the market via a “Call for Proposals”.
Hunter Development Corporation (HDC) Acting General Manager Valentina Misevska said the site release was another exciting opportunity to stimulate urban renewal in the western part of the city centre.
The 3,724 square metre site, known as 42 Honeysuckle Drive, is between the Hunter Water building and the Cottage Creek stormwater channel on Honeysuckle Drive.
“This site is the third Honeysuckle site to be released to the market in the past two years,” Ms Misevska said.
“The site is zoned B3 Commercial Core which permits a variety of potential uses such as commercial, shop-top residential, retail and hotel,” Ms Misevska said.
“It will no doubt attract significant interest given its proximity to the harbour, light rail and new transport interchange.”
Ms Misevska said HDC would be taking a proactive approach to addressing mine subsidence on the site as it did with developments at 18 and 21 Honeysuckle Drive.
“We have already developed a mine subsidence mitigation plan which has in-principle approval from Subsidence Advisory NSW and recent experience in delivering grouting works, so this is a practical way HDC can de-risk the site and make it more attractive to the market.
“The grouting program for this site will also incorporate grouting for the Lee 5 site across the road, as addressing both simultaneously will deliver economies of scale.”
The works will be undertaken during 2017 and prior to settlement on the site.
HDC also intends to design and deliver public domain works on a 50m wide corridor spanning the Cottage Creek stormwater channel (20m of which is adjacent to 42 Honeysuckle Drive) in concert with the development.
The Call for Proposals process closes on 16 February 2017.
More information is available at https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/