Rail corridor title transfer another step in Newcastle’s revitalisation

29 March 2017
Rail corridor title transfer another step in Newcastle’s revitalisation
Revitalising Newcastle welcomes the official transfer of former heavy rail corridor land from RailCorp to Hunter Development Corporation (HDC), which will be recognised in the Government Gazette on Friday 31 March.
Revitalising Newcastle Program Director Michael Cassel said the land transfer is an important milestone in Newcastle’s revitalisation.
“The NSW Government is committed to transforming Newcastle’s city centre, growing local jobs and attracting entrepreneurs to build innovative urban spaces and create a more livable city.
“This land transfer helps us deliver what the majority of the community told us they want – new open public spaces and commercial, retail and job opportunities,” said Mr Cassel.
“The transfer will allow Revitalising Newcastle to explore more exciting urban renewal initiatives like affordable housing for key workers and the expansion of the University of Newcastle city campus.”
Former heavy rail corridor land will be used by light rail between Newcastle Interchange at Wickham and Worth Place.
Opening up the land east of Worth Place for new and exciting uses will complement the urban renewal that light rail will bring to Hunter and Scott streets and help bring the city centre to life.
“Newcastle has an exciting future and we are looking forward to transforming the city with new activities, more students, better connectivity through more active and public transport and attractive open spaces,” said Mr Cassel.
“We are doing this in a way that respects and enhances Newcastle’s unique character.
“I’m looking forward to a Newcastle celebrated for its innovation, culture and tourism on a local and international stage.
The official transfer of the land marks the final step in the land transfer process that commenced in 2014.
For information: Revitalising Newcastle - Amber Dale: 0472 820 529.
About Revitalising Newcastle
The NSW Government has committed over $500 million to revitalise Newcastle’s city centre. Revitalising Newcastle aims to bring people back to the city centre by strengthening connections between the city and the waterfront, creating job opportunities, providing more public places and spaces, and delivering better transport. Visit www.revitalisingnewcastle.nsw.gov.au for more information.