The Cottage Creek Precinct and Honeysuckle Precinct in the Honeysuckle Project area.

Honeysuckle is the Hunter’s premier waterfront playground, where the glistening harbour meets the bustling city.

Honeysuckle is home to inviting cafes, world-class restaurants and hotels, extensive public spaces, boardwalks, outstanding residential apartments and townhouses, a marina and a variety of busy commercial centres.

There truly is something always happening at Honeysuckle.

Cottage Creek Community Consultation

During October and November 2010 a Community Consultation program was undertaken regarding the future of the Cottage Creek precinct within the Honeysuckle development project area. The consultation program consisted of:

  1. desktop review of previous community engagements;
  2. observational analysis;
  3. face-to-face surveys;
  4. community workshops (2);
  5. information booth;
  6. site tour (1); and
  7. online survey.


Feedback from this process, along with the prevailing planning controls and site constraints, will feed into further detailed consideration of future land releases.