Intertrade Industrial Park

Size: 150 hectares

Land type: Suitable for port, freight and general industrial and commercial uses.

Status: Remediation well underway.

With frontage to a port, good transport links and its proximity to Newcastle's CBD, this site has tremendous potential for a range of port, freight and general industrial uses.

The first stage in developing the site was the demolition of steel plant structures. BHP Billiton completed this work in mid 2004. The next stage was to get the site ready for development. Remediation works include the now completed 1.5km, national engineering award winning, underground barrier wall around the most contaminated (30 ha) portion of the site, the construction of new drainage systems as well as regrading and capping of the site were completed in mid 2008.

An international Call for Proposals for use of the site was conducted between January and April 2007 resulting in the Buildev Intertrade Consortium being selected as the proponent to redevelop 62ha of the site, consistent with the Master Planand Illustrative Land Use Plan for the site. This agreement was subsequently terminated. The Master Plan and Illustrative Land Use Plan set down the preferred port and industrial uses and to guide development. HDC has constructed critical infrastructure to support development including a new wastewater transfer system, the relocation and upgrade of the site's railway as well as roadworks to improve site access. The direct port and intermodal portions of the site were transferred to Newcastle Port Corporation and are now included in the area subject to the long term lease of the Port.

Remediation of the land on the former BHP site at Mayfield

The Hunter Development Corporation is undertaking a $110M remediation strategy for the land on the former BHP site developed by the former RLMC, in consultation with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Priority works started in May 2006 and were completed on schedule in mid-2008. Stages One and Two of this program, covering the 90 hectares of portside lands are complete.  The 10 hectare Intermodal Area is also complete. HDC intends to complete remediation of the final 52 hectare portion of the site known as Intertrade, in 2017. See Remediation Fact sheet.

A separate project was undertaken by BHP Billiton to clean up parts of the Hunter River adjacent to the Mayfield site. This project is the responsibility of BHP Billiton which has committed to cleaning up the river and effectively treating and emplacing the contaminated sediments using proven technologies and practices. This project is now complete.

For more information about this project see the BHP Billiton HRRP website (